Eastern Star Church has several ministries designed to meet the needs of our congregation and community. For more information on a particular ministry call our information line at (317)591-5390. We encourage our members to get involved!

Ministry Name

Meeting Day

Meeting Time/Place

Assimilation: This ministry is responsible for helping new members get committed to Christ and connected to the ESC community.


Call 591-5390, press 3, then 5 for more information.

Barnabas Ministry: This ministry is responsible receiving new members at worship services and facilitating their transition into the church community.


2nd Thursday

6:30 - 7:30pm
Rm J303A/B Main

Bulletin Ministry: This ministry is responsible for preparing and assembling weekly bulletins and inserts for Sunday services.


10:30am - 12Noon
Risograph Rm at the Main Campus

Children's Ministry: A ministry seeking committed volunteers to nurture God's children here at Eastern Star Church, to grow them from the inside out. It is a ministry who's focus is seeing the children grow in Christ.

1st 3rd and 4th Sundays at all three locations


CommunicationsResponsible for providing informational and inspirational content to the congregation and the community.



Deaf & Hard of Hearing Ministry: This ministry promotes the sharing of the gospel with the deaf and hard of hearing community. Meetings are for trained interpreters. Watch for information on future training sessions.

Check bulletin for meeting dates and times

For further information please contact 591-5390 #8 then #7 or TTY (Deaf & Hard of Hearing)
(317) 591-5059 Meeting Rm 201A Main

Disciples of Christ ChoirTeens responsible for singing praises to the Lord during worship services. A teen must be in Teen Ministry to participate.



7:30 - 9:30pm

Main Sanctuary

EuAngelion Ministry: The purpose of this ministry is to reach the lost for Christ through evangelism, street ministry, feeding homeless, visiting nursing homes and neighborhood outreach. 


3rd Saturday of each month

Call the ministry line at 591.5390, (8) (0) (7) for more detailed information on events.


Girl Scouts: Education and service ministry for girls focused on developing good citizenship and Christian character.

2nd & 4th Monday

6:30 - 7:30pm

Rm 104

Greeter Ministry: To provide a warm friendly atmosphere to all, especially our first time visitor/guests. Our Ministry is an organized way to help visitors and members feel welcome when they enter into the house of the Lord.

1st Thursday in the month Jan-Mar-May-July-Sept


JEWEL Bible Bookstore:

We have a great selection of bibles, books, music, and greeting cards.

Email: jewelbible@easternstarchurch.org

Main Campus:

5750 E. 30th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46218
(317) 591-5057


Main Campus Hours:

Sunday 10:30am - 3:00pm*

Monday 10:00am - 7:00pm


Tuesday 10:00am - 7:00pm  


Wednesday 10:00am - 8:30pm*


Thursday 10:00am - 7:00pm


Friday 10:00am - 5:00pm


2nd Saturday 10:00am - Noon


*CLOSED during Worship Services; OPEN during Special Store/Church Events.

JEWEL Bible Institute: Discipleship ministry responsible for the adult education programs, conferences, and retreats sponsored by the Eastern Star Church.


To Be announced

JEWEL Human Services, Inc. (JHS)This is the outreach ministry of Eastern Star Church.  JHS helps meet the needs of the poor and individuals who are in need of emergency assistance. This includes church members as well as individuals and families in the greater Indianapolis community.  In collaboration with community partner organizations JHS is able to maximize ESC’s capacity to improve the lives of children, adults and seniors to the glory of God.



5719 Massachusetts Avenue
Indianapolis, IN  46218
Phone: (317) 547-5483
Fax: (317) 547-0260


General Office Hours:

Mon.- Fri. 8:30am - 5pm


Pantry Hours:         

Mon., Tues., Fri. 9am - 2pm

Closed Wednesdays

Thurs., 1-6pm



JEWEL Ministries: This ministry is responsible for sales and distribution of sermon recordings. Our production staff records (audio cassettes, CDs, and DVDs) sermons preached at the regular Sunday services, bible study and special events such as revivals and conferences. It includes radio, television, and tape ministries of the Eastern Star Church.

 Scheduled as Needed 



JEWEL Prayer Line Partners Ministry (Team Meetings): Isaiah 40:31

Prayer Partners provide telephone and Email follow-up to prayer requests received as a result of Pastor Johnson’s sermons on JEWEL Ministries Television. 

3rd Saturday

3:45pm - 4:45pm
Prayer Counselors Rm 103B, Main

JoybellesChildren’s choir (ages 5 to 12) responsible for singing praises to the Lord during worship services.

Thursday (except the Thursday after the 2nd Sunday)

6:00 - 7:00pm 

Main Sanctuary

Link Ministry: This ministry is responsible for connecting members to ministry at Eastern Star. 

3rd Thursday

6:30 - 8pm 
Prayer Rm

Mass ChoirCombined men and women’s choir responsible for singing praises to the Lord during worship services.



Main Sanctuary

Men of Purpose: This ministry promotes the discipleship, fellowship, worship, and service of the men within the church.

2nd Saturday

9:00am - 11:00am

Rm J306

Marriage Ministry; Proverbs 27:17  This ministry is designed to develop , encourage, and celebrate strong Christian marriages by focusing on Biblical principles, and continued accountability in order to use our marriages to glorify and serve God. Check bulletins for meeting dates and times Main Campus

Men of Standard - Choir: Men’s choir responsible for singing praises to the Lord during worship services.


7:30 - 9:30pm 

Main Sanctuary

Missionary Ministry: Proverbs 3:5-6 Missionaries are responsible for ministering to the needs of others through community outreach.

Mrs. Jewel Bailey- Facilitator

2nd Monday

10:30am - 12:45pm

Main Conference Rm

Nurses Aid Ministry: Care-giving ministry to ensure the well being and care of the congregation.

2013 Meeting Dates:  4 Feb; 1 Apr; 3 Jun; 5 Aug and 1 Oct



Parking Lot Ministry: A Ministry to maintain control of traffic and parking, while at the same time, providing a safe and secure environment for the members and guests of Eastern Star Church.

Ministry Contact: Vince Wesley vwesley@easternstarchurch.org

Scheduled as Needed


Pastor's Aid: This ministry is responsible for providing love, encouragement, prayer, and support for the Pastor and his family.

2nd Sunday

1:45 - 3:00pm

Rm J306

Pastoral Care Ministry:


6:30 - 8:30pm

Rm J303 A/B

Prayer Warrior's Ministry:

3rd Thursday

Rm J303 A/B or J307

Recreation MinistryTo develop a recreation program that will enhance the mental, physical, and spiritual development of each individual's needs that will be surrounded by a Christian environment.

1st Thursday in the month Jan-Mar-May-July-Sept


Reflections of God’s Glory Youth Dance Ministry: A ministry open to youth ages 7 to 18 that instructs youth in the area of dance-for-worship and ministers to the hearts of the congregation.  No formal training required. Hiatus during summer months.  For more info call the ministry line at 591.5390, press 4, 1, 8.


7:00 - 8:15pm

Sacred Dance Ministry: A ministry open to adult women and men that ministers to the hearts of the congregation through the expression of dance.  No formal training required; just a heart of worship.  For more info call the ministry line at 591.5390, press 7, 7.

2nd Saturday

6:30 - 8:30pm

11:30am - 2pm

Security Ministry: The mission of this ministry is to provide a safe and secure environment for the members and guests of Eastern Star Church. To maintain the Security of the church buildings, offices, and equipment.

Scheduled as Needed


Senior Saints Ministry: To promote the discipleship, fellowship, worship and service of the senior men and women within the church.

3rd Saturday


Servants in Action: This ministry is responsible for meeting the practical needs of our church family, staff and ministries by providing an organized approach to volunteering


4th Thursday in Jan, March, May, July, Sept and the 3rd Thursday in November

6:30 - 8pm 
Rm J307


Sounds of Praise- Choir: Combined men and women’s choir, responsible for singing praises to the Lord during worship services.


7:30 - 9:30pm


Sunday Children's Church: Sunday worship service for children, 5 to 12 years of age

1st, 3rd and 4th Sunday

During 9:15am, 10:45am & 12:15pm Worship Services

Sunday Church SchoolSystematic Bible Study for all ages.



Sunday Nursery: Christian child care for infants and toddlers (up to age 4) during the Sunday morning worship services.

Scheduled as Needed


Usher Board: This ministry is responsible for greeting the congregation and visitors, as well as to ensure order in and around the church.

3rd Monday

6:30 - 8:00pm


Website Ministry: This ministry is responsible for glorifying God through the design, implementation and maintenance of the Eastern Star Church website. 
Ministry Contact: Belinda Richardson


Scheduled as Needed


Women of the Word Ministry: This ministry is responsible for promoting the discipleship, fellowship and service of women.

2nd Saturday

9:00 - 11am
Rm 104

Young Adult Ministry: This ministry is committed to inspire, encourage and empower young adults 25-35 to grow in their Christian faith by providing a safe, positive environment to build Christ-centered relationships and mature in the Word.


Call 591-5390, press 5 then 5 or friend on Facebook ESC YAM.


Youth Fellowship (S.A.L.T. Matthew 5:13): Grades 6 – 12

Through this ministry students will engage in weekly interactive Bible studies, monthly community service and social events (lock-ins, game nights etc.).

Tuesday – Northwest Campus

Wednesday - Main Campus

Thursday - Northeast Campus

6:00 - 8:00pm

Youth Bible Study: This ministry is designed for students in grades 6th -12th.  It is an interactive Bible study that makes the Word of God relevant to youth and gives them opportunities to learn the Word through role play, small group activities, games, and discussion.


7:00 - 8:30pm

Banquet Rm


Worship Times, Locations and Directions

9:15 A.M. - Fishers, Sunday School: 8:00 a.m.-9:00 a.m.
10:45 A.M. - Cooper Road, Sunday School: 9:30 a.m.-10:30 a.m.
12:15 P.M. - Main Campus, E. 30th St. Sunday School: 11:00 a.m.- 12:00 Noon
    5750 E. 30TH STREET

    5805 COOPER ROAD

    8850 E. 106TH STREET


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